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About the conference


Education for Democratic Citizenship (EDC) and Human Rights Education (HRE) is the way through which many organisations and state actors contribute to the development of young people’s active citizenship, participation and responsibility within their own societies and within Europe. Yet there is more to EDC and HRE than learning about human rights and civic responsibilities: it is about the present and the future of Europe and young people have an important role to play.

The current European situation is requiring more than ever commitment by education actors to provide learning scenarios for promoting social and civic competences and embed them in a strong intercultural learning programme. The refugee crisis, the changes in the speed of information sharing across borders, the new needs of the labour market and economic crisis from which societies are still recovering can create fertile ground for radical ideas and intolerant actions by young people. In this situation it is crucial to undertake sustainable efforts and consolidate respect for human rights and democratic competences as fundamental values of our societies.

Baltic Forum on Human Rights Education and Democratic Citizenship is an excellent opportunity to examine these issues in-depth. This gathering provides an opportunity for all three Baltic countries to exchange good practices and plan the actions for the advancement of EDC/HRE via transnational cooperation and mutual learning.

The Forum’s objectives are:

  1. to discuss current developments in human rights education in all three countries
  2. to bring together stakeholders (educational authorities representatives, teachers, non-governmental organisations
  3. etc) in EDC-HRE from the three countries and learn from each other
  4. to present the results of the current project cooperation as good practice and have teachers share from their experience of piloting.
  5. to open ways for identifying further possibilities of advancement in the field of EDC/HRE, through cooperation and mutual learning.


The Baltic Forum on Human Rights Education and Democratic Citizenship takes place under the framework of a Baltic Partnerships for Human Rights Education and Education for Democratic Citizenship project.